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Negotiating and Buying

Investing client financial resources in media is a privilege we handle with great care from start to finish.

From the moment our Media Intelligence Team defines the opportunity, we begin a deep dive into audience demographics, market nuances, performance goals and outcome expectations. Today’s media landscape presents a plethora of evolving and innovative options to consider for meaningful engagement of potential and existing customers.

With data at our fingertips, our Media Investment Team uses a laser-focused, integrated and efficient media investment strategy to target specific audience groups. Specializing in assignments involving multi-market footprints, we provide message activation across all traditional, digital and emerging channels.

Our national reach and team presence in key markets like LA, New York, Cleveland and Detroit, enhances our local buying strategy.

Every plan and buy is custom created. And our multicultural media specialists ensure all communication nuances are addressed. This is particularly important in places like Texas, where you have cities like Dallas and San Antonio with very diverse consumer profiles. Dedicated to attaining the best value possible for our clients, our experienced buyers are engaged, informed and accountable.

Negotiating the best rates and leveraging significant added value, our Investment Team has cultivated direct relationships with media outlets in nearly every DMA.

Extensive planning, negotiation, placement and our continuous analysis of traditional and digital media trends and behaviors drive successful outcomes. This, in addition to our stringent verification procedures, provides the certainty needed to assure your resources have been used as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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