Integrated Media Solutions

Strategy, Planning, Buying and Analytics.

Since 1963 we have focused on developing the most integrated, efficient and informed strategies to reach and engage diverse audience groups.

Results Driven

Successful outcomes are expected and delivered.

Achieving great success for our clients results in immeasurable satisfaction for us. An unwavering commitment to continuously strive for the highest standard of transparency, integrity and accountability is validated by positive-outcome audits and accountable metrics.

Our Approach

Our Promise

Trusted Relationships.

Our customer centric focus is a given at Cooper-Smith. It’s part of our culture. The goal is to exceed expectations, building loyalty and trust with every encounter. As a privately owned company, our hands-on leadership team drives this principle, and they are involved and engaged in making it ring true every day.

Our Values

Hands on Leadership

Connected. Accountable. Involved.

Cooper-Smith’s leadership team is the guiding force for our agency. Engaged and present, they continuously strive for new ways to add value for our clients and our employees.

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