Media Intelligence

Strategy and Planning

Diverse groups of people receive, engage and respond to information differently.

Our insightful team of media strategy and planning experts, continuously study consumer response to the ever-evolving media landscape. Applying analytical thinking and data technology, they evaluate market trends, audience characteristics and new ways to communicate relevant information. Always ensuring media budgets work harder and smarter.

Our dedication to delivering positive results is fueled by our clients’ success.

Working in symbiotic alignment, we immerse ourselves in their business, intimately understanding their brand vision, growth goals and culture. Then take their toughest marketing challenges and turn them into media objectives.

Each plan is custom designed, and is executed solely based on the client’s unique needs.

Offering insights at every stage of the process, our Media Intelligence Team offers integrated, hyper-targeted media engagement solutions.

With so many factors influencing success, we value collaboration and use it to drive efficient and effective campaign development. Cooper-Smith’s Media Intelligence Team sets the strategy, determines the performance plan and works closely with our Media Investment and Media Analytics teams to exceed client goals and expectations.

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