Media Analysis

Analytics and Evaluation

Performance matters most and expectations for data insights are growing.

The challenge to evaluate media spend across multiple platforms in a complex technical environment is ongoing. At Cooper-Smith, we carry the burden of proof for our clients and collaborate to align corporate data, consumer trends and media outcomes. Our Media Analysis Team offers insights and analytical intelligence that has real value.

We develop custom reports that align with specific client needs.

Comprised of transparent, accountable data and insightful analysis, our media investment evaluations are comprehensive, providing clear, audit-proof outcomes. Performance goals lay the foundation for expectations, driving us to constantly evaluate audience behavior, as we assess the effectiveness of every message, media buy and communication platform.

Real-time monitoring of all integrated media, dynamic mid-campaign optimizations and thorough post campaign assessments are vital to success.

We take all historical data to shape future optimization strategies, predictive capabilities and forecasting. As the media landscape grows in complexity, we constantly adapt to assimilate new metrics and benchmarks without sacrificing our precise methodology. Our clients expect honest assessments, provable data and meaningful insights with every encounter. Our Media Analysis Team works in lockstep with our Media Intelligence and Media Investment teams. Sharing insights and analytics throughout the process, we continuously strive to deliver more value.

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