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Brand is the foundation upon which all marketing communications must build.

And there is no doubt that a strong brand positively influences consumer response to your message. As a media focused, results driven agency, we know that there are more ways than ever to reach specific audiences through targeted media. But the challenge doesn’t end there. To engage and convert people once the message has been delivered, requires your visual identity and brand voice to resonate and align with your audience needs, wants and values.

Cooper-Smith was founded long ago as a creative-driven, traditional advertising agency.

While we intentionally grew our media capabilities and team to achieve who we are today, we stayed committed to our legacy of providing comprehensive brand, marketing and creative services. For clients seeking a full service experience, we provide:

  • Brand analysis and development
  • Campaign strategy, concept development, design and execution.
  • Traditional media production; television, radio, print and outdoor.
  • Digital and social creative strategy and design. Website design, development and analytics.

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