Five Decades

Relationship Driven. Big Thinkers.

Technology changes and trends come and go. People develop relationships, make decisions, ensure quality, drive results and create lasting success. Our clients, employees, vendors and partners are among the best.

Founder Bill Tailford at his desk

Our founder, Bill Tailford was a creative madman, a respected designer and big thinker.

Bill had real passion for advertising and launched our agency in Ohio in 1963. His talents reigned far beyond his location as he competed, and won business over much larger agencies in New York, Chicago, and LA.

Nationally recognized for package design.

Clients included Welch’s, Eskimo Pie, Yoplait, Weight Watchers, Dolly Madison, General Mills, and Tropicana to name a few. Bill’s diligent work ethic and loyalty to customers is still a driving force at Cooper-Smith today.

Package Design Success highlighted by various food products - Trix Pops, YooHoos, Chilly Bears, and more.

Jim Cooper assumed the role as President/CEO in the 1980’s, expanding our services and geographic footprint.

Along with his partner, Steve Smith, he made a name for the agency in the telecommunications industry, managing cable cooperatives and developing award winning marketing campaigns. Like our founder, Jim was often on an airplane, traveling and building trusted relationships with clients that would stand tall over time.

Jim and Steve, the two partners, posing by a staircase
Toledo Hospital Marketing Image

Our business, and our reputation, grew and gained momentum.

We achieved marketing recognition and success in telecommunications and other industries, including health care, education and food.

Jim, CEO, pictured with an employee discussing things over.

The last decade has been transformational for Cooper-Smith.

We were early adopters of digital media, realizing its ability to enhance the effectiveness of media campaigns when strategically integrated with more traditional tactics. Since then, our efforts have been laser focused on growing our specialization in the ever-changing and complex media industry.

Accountability and measurement are driving forces and our team continuously strives to refine the process and deliver more. As a result of these efforts, Cooper-Smith solidified a significant relationship with Charter Communications and opened an office in Stamford CT to better serve them. The alliance began many years earlier with Charter’s participation in several cable co-ops managed by Cooper-Smith.

In addition to Jim Cooper, the agency is fortunate to have gained another forward thinker in Brad Rieger, COO.

Under Jim and Brad’s leadership, we are a thriving agency of media and marketing experts who are committed to ensuring that our legacy of delivering winning results and customer focused service lives on.  Our team does this by thinking strategically and holistically to find the best methods to reach and connect with diverse audiences. This truly integrated approach to media and marketing leads us into the next chapter of our agency.

Jim, CEO, seated next to Brad, COO.

Looking to the future.

We look forward to the next decade, knowing our longevity is a testament to our consistent focus on successful results, transparent business practices, thoughtful investment of client resources and personal service.

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