Case Study

Multicultural FSI Optimization


For several years, our client, a large telecommunications company, has regularly run Free Standing Inserts (FSI) in publications targeting specific multicultural audiences. In Q4 2020, call volume began to decrease, even though circulation levels had remained constant

Isolate the reason for the reduction in calls and implement a solution


Using tableau software, our analytics team would create data visualizations that looked at the performance of the FSIs by various metrics: total circulation, totals by market, and creative. This data could be further dissected by looking at different time periods, i.e. weekly, monthly, quarterly.


Previously, the success of the FSIs was viewed through total monthly call volume. In the newly created dashboards, the analytics team began to consider the response based on each creative piece. The fact that each FSI drop featured a different phone number made this possible. As expected, the call volume peaked during the week each piece was dropped, with residual call volume gradually decreasing. With this data visualization, we were able to see a consistent drop in latent calls compared to activity earlier in 2020. In analyzing creative and offer strategy, it was concluded “offer fatigue” was playing a role in the decrease in performance. While the creative may have changed in each piece, the offer had stayed the same. With the same offer month after month, the consumer was less likely to feel the urgency to take action.


Cooper-Smith shared their data and insights with the client where they re-assessed their offer strategy. A rotating offer strategy was put into place and the initial monitoring of call volume projects performance activity has returned to normal levels.

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