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Audience and market insights, custom media plans and advanced analytics.

Strategic insight, comprehensive services, honest and transparent business practices, and a mindset to always keep customer needs and wants first drives successful outcomes. Cooper-Smith media and marketing experts work hard to ensure engagement that drives results.

A complex media market offers endless traditional, digital and emerging options to engage people when and where they want to be reached. Your media spend is an investment that requires the right judgment and resources to deliver a high rate of return. Cooper-Smith has the expertise and resources needed to evaluate and determine the most efficient plan to reach each unique audience. And our experience, market intelligence and extensive network of media relationships in nearly every major market in the country, allows us to move quickly and efficiently.

Our high performing and collaborative media team offers strategic audience and market insights, custom, integrated media plans, value-added media buys and advanced analytics. Also part of the Cooper-Smith team, is a group of seasoned experts in brand strategy, marketing communications and creative design, offering additional resources for our clients with comprehensive marketing needs.

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