About Us

Cooper Smith 50th Anniversary

Fifty years.
That’s experience.

There’s the experience that comes from doing something for five years and then repeating it ten times.

And then there’s the experience that comes from never resting on your laurels, from meeting each generation fresh, from evolving with markets instead of watching innovation fly past.

That’s our kind of experience.

Cooper-Smith adapts for every age, with every market shift, with each innovation in product or media outlet. This has been true since Bill Tailford opened our doors in 1963. It was true when Jim Cooper expanded our services in the 1980s, and when Steve Smith expanded our geography in the 1990s. And it still holds true today. With our team of highly skilled media buyers, analysts, and creatives, Cooper-Smith is always at home, no matter the context: be it our revolutionary work in forming and managing cable cooperatives in the 1980s or our state-of-the-art analytics systems for the information age; be it food packaging or specialization in the growing shale and gas industry; be it healthcare or telecommunications, non-profits or education—whatever the market, adaptation is right in our wheelhouse.

Whether you need to launch a new product or just to freshen up an old brand, whether you need trusted analytics for your current audience or an introduction to a new one, we’re nimble and we’re flexible, and you’re going to love working with us.

We’re an agency defined by no-nonsense customer service, award-winning creative, and proven market strategies. We’re driven by results and results are what we deliver.

No matter the market, we’ll help you find the way in, and we’ll help you feel at home once you’re there. It’s what we’ve done for fifty years.

Generational insight and insight generation. We’re Cooper-Smith.


“The very nature of our “art” demands that
we continue to strive for perfection.”

— Bill Tailford 1965