Shared Revenue Opportunity for Agencies

Privately owned and in business for over 50 years, Cooper-Smith is a highly specialized media agency with custom local and national media planning and buying experience.

Mediatunity, powered by Cooper-Smith, creates successful, seamless partnerships with creative agencies seeking extensive media expertise.

The teams of highly specialized media planners, buyers and analysts at Cooper-Smith collaborate with partner agencies to provide a full service experience for existing or prospective clients.

Meaningful Media

Mediatunity was designed to respond to a complex and ever-evolving media landscape. Highly specialized media expertise is essential to effectively market your client brands. Mediatunity stands out by providing:

Our Integrated Approach

Strategic process and comprehensive knowledge of all media platforms. Traditional and digital expertise including television, radio, print, digital video/audio, mobile, search and social. Market intelligence, detailed audience analysis, precision targeting and integrated buying strategies result in strategic, effective and efficient campaigns. We are organized in three distinct teams:

Media Intelligence

Strategic evaluation and integrated planning

  • Media Buying & Campaign Management
  • Cross-Channel Activation & Execution
  • Trade and barter negotiation
  • Media traffic and reconciliation
  • Sponsorship negotiation and implementation

Media Investment

Laser focused negotiation and precision targeting

  • Integrated Media Strategy & Planning
  • Audience & Channel Insights
  • Market Insights & Analysis
  • Ethnic Media Specialization

Media Analysis

Real-time performance monitoring, analytics & optimization

  • Performance analytics and reporting
  • Data analysis and monitoring
  • Forecasting and ROI analysis

Mediatunity’s approach to strategy and placement aligns with our creative process, and that results in success for our clients. The shared commission structure is a win-win for everyone involved.

Bill Sattler, Partner - Madhouse

Shared Revenue Opportunity

Mediatunity was created to offer a shared commission structure to marketing agencies who partner with us for media services, providing them with an extended revenue stream long after their creative properties are produced. You own the client relationship.

We can either white label our services, or be visible as an extension of your team. The collaboration is effective and efficient for everyone involved, bringing specialty talent together, while allowing both agencies to focus on what they do best.