Remarkable, relevant, memorable. That’s always been the formula for spot-on creative.

But today there is a special challenge. Today’s audiences are much more fluid than before, flowing quickly from one medium to the next, seeking something that will give them the excuse to stop and listen.

So today’s creative strategies need more than they did before. They need flexibility and foresight.

The creative team at Cooper-Smith feels at home in as many places as your audience does. We understand how language morphs with each new context, in each new medium.  We know how to get to know your audience, to help them slow down and take notice, to engage your message meaningfully, memorably.

So you bring intent, and we’ll bring insight. And your market will have trouble forgetting you.

Arrowhead Behavioral Health “Heroin”
Aldephia Communications “I Got It”
Insight Digital “Parrot”
Comcast “Hank Aaron”
Promedica The Toledo Hospital Generations
Buckeye Cable “7 1/2 Channels”
“Generations II” The Toledo Hospital : Promedica
Buckeye Cable “Viewfinder”
“Hold the Anchovies” Pizza Inn
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Ohio “Bury the Potato”
Reiter Dairy “Pumpkin Pie”
Pro Am Sports System “Please Poopsie”
Aldephia Communications “I Got It”
Bright House
Toledo Children’s Hospital
Keystone, Inc.
JAM Best One Trailer Wrap Design JAM Best-One Fleet Service – Trailer Wrap
JAM Truck Wrap Design JAM Best-One Fleet Service – Truck Wrap Design
JAM Best-One Fleet Service Website JAM Best-One Fleet Service
PowerAsh – Product of American Projects
Blue H20 Solutions
JAM Best-One Fleet Service Logo JAM Best-One Fleet Service
Blue H20 Solutions
Service Electric Broadband Cable
Gilmore, Jasion & Mahler, LTD
Heather Brooke Foundation
Raceway Park Program – 1970’s
Page Dairy – 1970’s
Husky Hut – 1960’s
Babcock Dairy – 1960’s
Ottawa Lanes – 1960’s
Chilly Things Crunch Bars
French Night
Lady Brooke – 1960’s